I’ve Been Blackened or I Think I Made A Huge Mistake

Awhile back i posted a video of my playing of Metallica’s Blackened from the video game Rock Band. I have never made any claims as to my skills as a lonely basement dwelling video game fanboy and apparently the internet constructive criticism elf never warned me about doing as such. i recently received a comment notification via email about a member who actually had been desperately combing YouTube looking for mind-blowing clips of guitar based video game virtuosity only to stumble upon my less then satisfying performance.

“Kooves666 has made a comment on Blackend (metallica) Hard Level:

fuck you pussy, get a life

You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.”

who could resist but follow up on such an eloquent statement.

i replied: “i appreciate the criticism. i will look into it.”

i also noticed that much earlier i received a comment about the video.

“ghostavenging666 (7 months ago)
buy a real one ;/”

i apologize to the entire YouTube community for wasting bandwidth with such utter trash. i was actually pleased with how i had been progressing in the game. serves me right.

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  1. I could have saved you so much time and told you were a pussy. When did you start blogging again and wha happened to molyb?

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