Call Forth Your Spirit Animal

My STL was telling me about his morning yesterday where he interacted with a customer who’s watch was fast and was demanding to be let into the store. At that moment Ken was more concerned about something else. Our neighborhood has a hawk that seems to like Whole Foods Market’s all natural offerings. Fitting. Between our entrance and exit doors is a patch of ivy along a wood lattice structure built into the wall and awning. Its filled with small birds, sparrow or swallows or the like. Lately the hawk had been fling down towards the entrance and picking off the small birds. Yesterday was one of those days. Ken was telling the customer that we weren’t open yet and that she should be careful because this hawk was cracking open bird skulls right next to her. she didn’t care. “It’s 8:01, Let Me In!” she demanded. She eventually sneaked in through the exit doors and rushed back to the bakery for her pastries and coffee.

Later that day i went out back and noticed that the hawk was hanging out by our dumpster perched on a concrete half wall. I spoke quietly to the bird, “if i call on you, spirit animal, you will know what to do”. One day when i see that customer in our store demanding attention i will shriek out the call of the hawk and it will come swooping down and shred her shoulders like an iron gym and i would have avenged your broken spirit ken. all hail the Marlton Hawk.

marlton hawk

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This Is What Happens When You F**k With Lo-Pan

You get the hurricane PHL.

insert current hurricane title here

insert current hurricane title here

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Isn’t the same without you, Izzi. Hurry back!

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