I Blew It, Capice!

Well another trip to Colorado for an interview and another position not attained.  I guess i kind of made it clear during the interview that i had reservations about the position.  I also realized that my heart wasn’t completely in it because of my less than over-the-top presentation.  I think it all started after a conversation with the Regional Coordinator about some of the programs that were in the mix and others that weren’t.  It would have been a tough pill to swallow to just leave a passion of mine back east to work on some new endeavors.  I was very happy with the whole process and i have to thank the RM Region for having me out a couple of times to try it out.  I honestly feel like i was better suited for the Cherry Creek position i first interviewed for.  The whole process just seemed natural.

What does this all mean now.  Well,  it looks like unless the most amazing opportunity that could ever arise (and yes that is harrison oakland) comes up then Izzi and I are going to stick around Philadelphia for another year.  At least i have my Pavement tickets and I don’t have to miss Cang’s visit.

Ill leave you with some pictures of the Superior store.

View of the rockies from a window in the Whole Body department.

a view of the Whole Body department from the left

a view of the Whole Body department from the right

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Brigham Young’s Utopia Amongst The Peaks…

isn’t quite as attractive as it must have been in the 19th century. Don’t get me wrong the mountains are beautiful.  The houses are mostly 1 story bugalow style, which i love.  If Kenny Powers lived here he would say:  “Going on missions on the reg, eating fast food on the reg, smoking crystal meth on the reg, banging my wives on the reg”.  Well at least tonight after dinner i can hop over to Velour and check out John Vanderslice live.  Yes!

no fast food here...phew!

no fast food here...phew!

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I Don’t Know What Joseph Smith Encountered On His Trek To Utah That Was So Arduous…

But he should have taken a 747. I arrived in less than 4 hours. All I got was a tired ass from the tight seating. Oh and I got scolded by the first class flight attendant for storing my carry-on in the compartment above first class. I guess it was worth mentioning. I’ll never do that again.

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